What taking Stanozolol injection 100 mg/mL can potentially do

In case you haven’t heard there are people that take Stanozolol injection 100 mg/mL, yeah that are right a very bold and dangerous move if you put it in that perspective. We all know what this drug can do but what we don’t know is how this drug can significantly change its potency when taken 50% higher than the usual.

For people that know this drug all too well 50mg/ml is the magic number here and this is the dosage that most (if not all) bodybuilders mostly take for whatever purpose they have and in case you are curious about the 100mg/ml then you better read more to find out.

Cycles: if 50mg/ml is clocked and regulated for 6-8 weeks, 100mg/ml is clocked at 10-14 days. You read it right people; you get to take this drug for only 2 weeks if you maximize it further. This is not highly advisable because even 50 mg/ml is not highly advisable even.

Possible purpose: Make no mistake this dosage is for emergencies that you need to get lean fast before a contest or a game. Because a steady and slow progression is a key in having a successful bodybuilding program that has lesser risks and taking it higher increases the risks of liver damage.

Our liver: The fact is that we only have one liver, and if it’s damaged it will show up all over you. You get jaundiced, edema and much more. So if you do take this drug in a 100mg/ ml preparation don’t just think twice but think as much and take time as much because it may be a very potent dose but it’s also very dangerous that you can potentially regret for the rest of your life.

Wrong motivation: The “pain is temporary, glory lasts forever” and “no pain, no gain” is a bad choice of motivational quotes to get when you’re taking drugs to a very high level. Because real talk? The liver is not just the organ that will be affected, you get kidneys and the heart as well that gets directly affected and any complication from overdosing does potentially become a life-threatening situation.

Compensating liver: Let’s all love out the liver; it’s a silent worker that never gets love, all abuse and nothing more. Let me tell you something about your liver and all your other organs. What they have is this unique characteristic to adapt. That is why even if you’re living a very unhealthy lifestyle they don’t complain, they will take everything you throw at them and still, they will try to compensate but if they give in its game over.

You see these organs will try to compensate the abuse that you throw at them and the only time that they will give up is when they are already damaged and irreparable. And that my friends are a serious problem that will require a lifetime of treatment. So don’t take your liver for granted, we only have one and steroids being taken on higher doses are a very effective choice to get buff fast and also a very potent hepatoxic drug.