The best snacks all over the world

Food is one of the most critical things required for the sustenance of human beings. Each and every one of us prefers a full stomach to an empty one. It is much easier to work and be a better person on a full stomach. Empty stomach makes us cranky and unfriendly and hinders our efficiency in workplace. There are several studies showing how efficiency of work done by an average human being is positively correlated with a very high degree of correlation with the amount and quality of food that person receives. The difference is starker at lower levels of income generally. That is in the poorer section of the people.

Three hearty meals each day breakfast lunch and dinner are absolutely essential for all round development of a human being. But more often than not most of us tend to get hungry even after having three meals a day and that is where snacks come in. Snacks are small amounts of food which are eaten in order to keep your growing hunger in check. We human beings love snacks and tend to eat some snacks whenever we get the opportunity. We tend to eat whatever we find tasty be it street food or otherwise. Therefore what happens is that snacks are more often than not unhealthy for us. It is a good idea to eat zero oil snacks which are nowadays available in several restaurants as well. If you do not have such a restaurant nearby then the best option for you would be to cook some snacks yourself. You can find zero oil recipe in Hindi just by doing a simple search on the internet. It is not at all complicated even though it sounds very fancy it is in all reality very simple.

All over the world different snacks are popular in different places. Due to globalisation nowadays snacks from all over the world can be found in your locality only. Not everything would be able to titillate your taste buds in the right way but trying out different types of snack is not a bad idea if your stomach allows you to. You might just stumble upon something amazing which you would not have unless you tried. Following are some of the most famous snacks from all over the world:

  • Chuanr, China
  • Takyoki, Japan
  • Choripan, Argentina
  • Frites, Belgium
  • Witchetty grub, Australia
  • Halwana,Egypt
  • Of course I have to mention Vada pao which is a snack famous mostly in India.

The snacks differ widely from place to place and the best quality and best tasting snacks would always be the local snacks. So if you are out visiting some place then go ahead and try out their local snack without fear. For the health conscious people out there you can find lots of zero oil snacks recipes in Hindi and my best advice to you would be to cook your own snack yourself. While cooking just follow the recipe exactly and you would be all right. A little bit of patience would result in you getting to eat a tasty bowl of snack which is healthy as well.