Increase your height as well as your muscles

The human body grows at an alarming rate, all thanks to the supply of natural HGH or Human Growth Hormone which is supplied by the body’s pituitary gland. The HGH is responsible for all kinds of development in the body, from bone to muscle. But as we grow older, the development of natural HGH also slows down until it comes to a halt at around 60 years of age.

There are some people though, usually children who have pituitary gland disorder, which means their body does not supply enough HGH for the body’s natural growth. In cases like these, HGH stimulators for height and muscle development are introduced to provide a more “natural” development since it supports bone growth and is often called the “hormone for height”.

What are HGH stimulators?

Basically they are certain amino acids that are found in enhancement supplements that are designed to assist the pituitary glands in producing the growth hormones. These stimulators are not only used by people who have pituitary gland disorders, these stimulators have also found a home in the realm of bodybuilding.

Growing muscles with HGH

Is it is called the human growth hormone, the stimulator assists the bodybuilder in growing muscles by producing more HGH during workouts and cycles which lead to an increase in lean muscle mass, provides more energy to go for longer periods, and enables muscle flexibility by eliminating the hindering extra fats. It proves to be a very useful addition to one’s arsenal of anabolic steroids and can be more useful when stacked with other supplements.

Choices, choices, choices

It wouldn’t really be too difficult for you to choose between the 2 kinds of HGH stimulators to take. Yes, there are only two options for you to choose from. Either you opt for the injectable and stick a needle into yourself once in a while or choose the (more convenient) oral HGH. With the oral HGH, it is suggested to be taken with an empty stomach to achieve best results. It is also recommended to be used for duration of up to six weeks then stop for at least three weeks for your body’s system to recover as well as minimize the risk of side effects and you growing a tolerance for the supplement.

Acquire it with ease

Compared to anabolic steroids which are usually controlled substances and are illegal to purchase without prescriptions (depends on your country though), HGH supplements are quite the opposite and VERY legal which is why you can easily get one in any (or most) supplement stores, even in GNC!

Extended use warning

While taking HGH supplements is safe, for the most part, taking them over extended periods of tame may lead to development of a few symptoms namely: diarrhea, abdominal pain, and bloating. Extended use may also lead you to develop gout. While these side effects may not really be life threatening, they should not be taken for granted and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Also, people with a history of breathing problems such as asthma aren’t really recommended to take these HGH supplements since it might promote an increase in the symptoms. Sorry!

All in all, HGH supplements are relatively easy to acquire and to take, they’re pretty safe as well. If you are in need of some muscle development, why not take the more natural and safer way by using HGH supplements. Sure, it might be slower and less effective than anabolic steroids but the risks are far less.