Benefits of living a healthy life vs a non healthy life

More and more, we as a society have transformed the way we live. Thanks to advances in technology, we are now all able to see the benefits of living a healthy life vs a non healthy life. We are able to track calories, count steps, and calculate BMI through an app. While all these things are amazing to have access to as a consumer, what does it mean to the gym owner, nutritionist, or personal trainer? Do they no longer have a leg to lean on when it comes to trying to compete with things like Fitbit, iHealth and other easy-to-access apps? In other words, is technology changing the way consumers view exercise and the people involved in the industry? 

Technology is a powerful force; one to be reckoned with. Now I’m not saying an app or program can replace a personal trainer, but they are finding ways to make it pretty convenient on the consumer.

Consumers can now by treadmills, stationary bikes, or ellipticals that come with (you guessed it) software that acts like a personal trainer. It can tell you how, when, what to do when it comes to maximizing your workout without ever having to talk to an actual person.

If overly expensive machinery isn’t your thing, you just download an app. Yoga, pilates, even Crossfit-type workouts are all mostly available in your app store. Even athletic stores are being replaced by amazing online sites like 6PM who can give you the best deals on athletic gear all while shopping online.

Another place where technology and exercise can work together is in the actual workouts themselves. If you are a personal trainer, you can use workout apps to your advantage by having your client “practice” on workouts in between sessions and you can control the way he or she receives this information. If you have a favorite app or online video you like, direct them to watch only this and let it be an extension of your training. There are even programs that show you how many calories you are burning even hours after your workout ends! It’s a great way to keep the client motivated to come back time and time again.

While technology can cause some conflict with the exercise industry, there are areas where they can work together.