What Is Meant By Orthopedics?

Majority of people will consult an orthopedist in their lifetime and many will need frequent visits to the orthopedists.  Yet people are confused by what is entailed in the medical field of orthopedics.

Orthopedics is the analysis of the human musculo-skeletal system. Those who are Orthopedic surgeons are specialized in treatment after diagnosis of problems emerging in the musculo-skeletal system. The musculo- skeletal system consists of joints, bones, tendons, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and nerves. Orthopedists treat people of every age- from infants to the elderly. There is great demand to consult top 10 orthopedic surgeons in India.

The musculo-skeletal system forms the framework of the human body and consists of the mechanics which allow it to function. The fact is that almost all medical specialties overlap with the musculo-skeletal system and the field of orthopedics

In general, this field is also called by the term orthopedic surgery even if many treatments of non-surgical type are performed by the surgeons. Many orthopedicians keep busy to treat patients outside the operating theatre. Many have busy practices based in their offices. Orthopedists are also involved working in hospital wards, emergency units and along the side of sporting events.

Facts About Orthopedics

  • Among medical care sought by people, the most common is orthopedics. But not all orthopedic problems are treated by an orthopedician.
  • In Greek, Ortho means ‘straight’, and pedics means ‘Pais’ or ‘child’. Originally orthopedists have been always engaged in treating crippled children, most commonly for the condition of scoliosis.
  • Almost everyone will suffer from an orthopedic problem in their lives. But the good part is that orthopedic problems are immensely treatable. The fact is that, the most victorious surgeries are orthopedic surgeries.

Accurate Diagnosis

All persons with a shoulder pain may not have a tear in his rotator cuff and not every back pain is caused by muscle strain. For accurate diagnosis, the first step is to locate a good orthopedist who will guide your treatment towards the proper direction.

Take Up Treatment

The right way to implement this is to identify the conditions that cause your symptoms. Several musculo-skeletal conditions may be controlled by proper treatment and rehabilitation.

Body Care

Treatment of many orthopedic conditions becomes complicated because of other health problems. For instance obesity exerts much pressure on joints. Worn out and injured joints are more complicated in case of obese people. Habits like smoking and alcoholism also works to slow down recovery from surgery and healing of bones. Taking care of your body will help to manage orthopedic problems in an easier manner.

Living with Problems

It is possible to treat many orthopedic conditions but some people have to adjust to living all the time with their condition.  Among the challenges of musculo-skeletal system is about how to stay fit. This is because exercise is painful and difficult for persons suffering from joint and bone problems. But this is not the end- there are several new ways of modified activity that can be tried which will not add stress to the injured joint but can help you stay fit and healthy.

Question Doctor

Bring all your doubts and questions to the orthopedic doctor. Don’t hesitate to take notes. You can even bring along a health advocate (social worker/ friend/ relative) to accompany you to the doctor’s consultation. Even one among the top orthopedic doctors in India should not intimidate you.

These are some aspects about the treatment known as orthopedics.