Leg Lengthening Surgery to Grow Taller

Leg lengthening surgery to grow taller guarantees taller height. Although there are lots of home remedies, exercises, medicines, and many other herbal techniques available in the market but leg lengthening surgery is one of the best options for people who are very desperate to grow taller.

The main advantage of leg lengthening surgery is that it can be done on people of all ages. It has been observed that human body’s growth stops after a certain age. All natural, herbal, and medicinal techniques are applicable and can show significant results up to the growing age only. But surgery can help you grow taller at any age of your life.

What is Leg lengthening surgery and how many stages are involved in the total process?

Leg lengthening surgery or we call it Osteogenesis is rather a painful surgery but with assured results. Under this surgery, the surgeon will break your shin bone and insert a rod. This is a telescoping rod that exerts pressure on your bones and pulls them apart. During this process, new bone takes its place and starts growing to fill the gaps created by the rod.

Level 1 Leg lengthening surgery

In level 1, the shin bone will be broken by the surgeon and a telescoping rod will be inserted. This process takes 2-3 days’ time.

Level 2

After level 1 is over, the patient will be discharged for at least 10 days. During this time, the telescoping rod will exert pressure on the bone and allow new bones to fill the gaps.  The telescoping rod pulls the bone by a gap of almost 1mm every day.

Level 3

In this level, the patient undergoes physical therapy. This is usually done to settle the new bones that are grown to fill the gaps created by the rod.

Level 4

The last but not the least, the rod is removed from the bone. The patients’ leg is tested to bear the body weight. After this test, one month relaxation period is given to the leg. Under this period, the patient is asked to protect the surgical area from any kind of accidental injuries.

The entire process Level 1-4 takes about 3-4 months. It is quite an expensive process. If you are very desperate to increase your height then only go for surgical method else you can go with the natural and home remedies as well.

What to expect from this surgery?

Well, this surgery is performed on people who are shorter than 5’9”. If your height is taller than this height, then you won’t be eligible for the surgery. You can expect to gain 2-3” after the surgery. Most of the people who have gone through this surgery are satisfied. They are really happy to increase their height post-Leg lengthening surgery.

Your body can grow taller naturally as well but if you really want to grow taller after your growing age, you can try this expensive and painful, Leg lengthening surgery to increase almost 2-3” of your height.