Have your own unique cake on Christmas

In India, Christmas has become a special occasion and people celebrate it with happiness with their family and friends. In Christmas, cutting a cake is a must and it is a tradition which is followed every year.

There are many top bakeries in Thane who make delicious Christmas cakes. For years it is mainly assumed that Christmas cakes are supposed to be traditional fruit cakes but at present there are many variations of cakes in different countries which are celebrated as Christmas cakes. It may have different ingredients and the recipe may also alter even if it is a fruit cake as following the tradition. What cake it will be, depends completely on the culture of that particular country. Apart from being a fruit cake, the Christmas cake can also be a sponge cake, a rum cake and many more.

  • In Chile, the famous Christmas cake is called Pan de Pascua. It has evolved from Germany and Italian panettone. The name of this cake means Easter bread but it is actually a batter based Christmas fruit cake which has flavours of rum in it. It is said that in Chile, this cake is served with a cup of brewing coffee and it tastes delicious.
  • France, on the other hand, has Gallette des Rois which is mainly a flaky cake which is filled with frangipane,which is an almond filling. This is mainly served after 12 days of Christmas as there is a belief that The Three Wise Men visited baby Jesus on that day. There is a plastic trinket kept in the cake and whoever finds that is crowned the King or Queen for the day.
  • In India, there is the famous Allahabadi cake which is considered to be the traditional Christmas cake. There are many cake shops in Thane which can bake this particular cake. The cake as per its name has its origin in Allahabad but during Christmas time, it is baked in all over India. The traditional way of making this cake is by using clarified butter, nutmeg, ginger, mace, cinnamon, fennel seeds and last but not the least, the rum. This cake tastes a bit bitter but it has a very unique taste.
  • Though this is a traditional Christmas cake of Jamaica, the Jamaican Rum cake has made its place in hearts of people around the world. This rich Jamaican cake is entirely spiced up with cinnamon, lime and nutmeg. Of course, not to forget the use of rum in this cake.
  • In Japan, those who celebrate Christmas, make the traditional Japanese Christmas cake. It is basically a sponge cake which has full of whipped cream and is mainly topped with freshly cut slices of strawberries.
  • Spain again has a unique Christmas cake of its own, and it is named as Rosca de Reyes. Though it was originated in France it has become a common cake in Spain and Mexico. This cake has a small Jesus figure inside it and the one who gets that figure it is believed that good luck will comes to them.

No matter what cake it is, one can bake their favourite cakes during Christmas. There islist ofbakeries in Thane, and one can choose from that list their favourite bakery and buy the cake from there.