Analysis of hyperbaric oxygen treatment and its results

HBOT is considered one of the safest methods in the medical history to treat ailments and the process is so simple and basic that everyone can benefit from it. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Toronto works with the aim to provide the purest form of oxygen to the patient so that the patient’s ailments can disappear with the help of few treatment sessions. The following functions are prominent in HBOT:

  • Antimicrobial treatment – Anaerobic bacteria and pathogenic bacteria play devastating role in decreasing the immunity of an individual. The hyperbaric oxygen treatment ensures to kill such harmful bacteria.
  • Hyper-oxygenation – Short term exposure to excess amounts of oxygen can help the blood and the body fluids to work in a wonderful manner. Further, the increase in oxygen levels can help in the quick regeneration of tissue and formation of a healthier body.
  • Proliferation of the Fibroblast – Collagen production increases rapidly with the help of a hyperbaric oxygen tank in Toronto; therefore, the damaged tissues can be repaired within a short period of time when compared to the normal reaction.
  • Leukocyte activity – Leukocytes are essential in removing the dead cells from the body and their proper functioning is very important for an attractive dermal appearance and the internal functioning also. HBOT increases the activity of these cells and help in the process of cleansing in a swift manner.
  • Vasoconstriction – The diameter of the blood vessels in a human being should be narrow so that there is less possibility of post-traumatic edema or swelling. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Toronto helps to restrict the chances of having any toxic inhibition with the help of vasoconstriction. In addition, the brain cells act normally as the fluid that develops around them due to cerebral edema is taken care of by the therapy.
  • Stem Cells – They are of primary importance when it comes to healing process. In brief, more stem cells mean quick healing of the wounds. HBOT helps to increase the production of these cells effectively so that injuries or internal wounds are healed quickly.
  • Angioneogenesis – It is a biological process that helps the growth of new blood cells and help in their proliferation as well. Increase in blood cells means the oxygen circulation increases in the body and HBOT assists in the process.

The results of HBOT:

The patients after the HBOT sessions feel more relaxed than before and there is a sense of calmness in them. They feel as if a new strength has passed into their body and are more confident. Some of the results that a patient can feel after using a hyperbaric oxygen tank in Toronto are:

  • Vision improves
  • Decrease in the muscle spasticity.
  • Improvement in the sleeping habits.
  • Concentration levels increase along with the cognitive skills.
  • Brain functions improve, resulting in a fit physical appearance and alert psychological state.

The results mentioned here are general improvements which are not included in the acute or chronic conditions. Some of the sensitive conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, autism, cerebral palsy, stroke and son on can be treated with HBOT.